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Cactus Garden

The Cactus Garden is a unique botanical garden at the Statue of Unity site, created to exhibit a huge variety of Cacti and succulents, the true miracles of adaptation. The thought behind the development of the cactus garden is to provide an experience of the desert ecosystem in the midst of a landmass well entrenched in an aquatic surrounding. There are 6 lakh plants of 450 species spread across 25 acres of open land and inside the dome having an area of 836 square metres.

A Spectacle Galore: A grand architectural greenhouse, is an ecological habitat of nearly 450 national and international species of cacti and succulent plants. These cacti and succulent species represent their origin in 17 countries of the world mainly from North & South America and African continents. Beautiful rockery showcases distinct flora in its richness. The garden is a ravishing landscape of colourful cacti and succulent plants and also an educational and learning opportunity for students and enthusiasts to explore the nature’s wisdom.

Origination: It is believed that all succulent plants evolved from other related plants growing in a normal environment by adaptation to changing climatic condition of their habitat, especially the irregularity and amount of rainfall. Most of the cacti are American in origin and distributed over vast areas particularly in warm and dry regions.

Salient Features of Cactus Garden:

  • Solar panel of 8 KW
  • Nursery for producing succulents and grafted cacti
  • Erosion control blankets installed for preventing soil erosion

Species & Plants at Cactus Garden:

  • Total Number of plants: 6.0 lacs
    • Cactus Plants: 1.9 lacs
    • Succulent Plants: 1.6 lacs
    • Ornamental Plants: 2.5 lacs
  • Location: Statue of Unity, Ekta Nagar, Gujarat 393155, India
  • Operational Hours: 09:00Hrs to 17:00Hrs

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